I need these shoes, like – right now. And maybe feet that can handle them.


So I saw these fabulous numbers in NYC – and I was all like – “Hey, I want to get these but I am so Americanized now – they are too expensive at $180 (on sale from $279.95)” (We have covered the extreme price of things in Australia before – and if by chance you are new, or we haven’t – shit is expensive in Australia, ┬áso Before America “BA” – I would have jumped on these shoes for $179, and thought it was a bargain.. Now, not so much)

Low and behold , I found them online (continuing on my American streak) for $117 – YAY.

Only problem is, I’m not very good in heels – let alone skinny heels.. So I want the shoes, but can I walk in the shoe..?

That’s the real question.


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