I have missed you Friendly Fires – like, kind of a lot


Friendly Fires – I loved you 3 years ago. And I love you today.

Music often gets old, peoples taste becomes more sophisticated – which means that we move on. It’s like a steamy love affair – people get over it, mostly. But I feel like Friendly Fires in music terms are what my Australian friends are..

I have spent almost 3 years in the US of A – and I go home – after 2 years of really not very much communication, to find we are all still friends and goodbyes are still the hardest..

I’m pleased you have returned Friendly Fires – I saw you in concert, and you were fabulous – your last album has finished it’s rotation on my iPhone – I eagerly await nouveau music (MAY 16 UK-EU/MAY 24th USA – go stream PALA on the Friendly Fires website)..

Don’t ever leave me again.


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