I have an addiction


I can’t stop buying concert tickets.. True story. It’s like every ok band that comes through SF – I have to go and see. It’s ridiculous. I am spending far too much money on music. And this is not ok.

I’m poor, and you know, it’s not the concert tickets that are expensive – it is the drinking that partners this activity.

I’m just getting fat and poor. Because i like live music. Sucks.

This is my life for the next 2 months:

  • Wednesday 22nd September – Local Natives x2
  • Friday 24th September – Something at Hotel Utah
  • Monday 27th September – Passion Pit
  • Thursday 30th September – School of Seven Bells w/ Active Child and Foster the People
  • Friday 1st October – The Drums w/ the Young Friends x2
  • Saturday 16th October – Treasure Island Music Fest (Maybe – if I don’t feel too effing poor)
  • Sunday 17th October – Hot Chip x2
  • Friday 5th November – Bear in Heaven x2
  • Thursday 11th November – Mayer Hawthorne x2
  • Saturday 20th November – Tunng x2
  • Saturday 20th November – Dawes, Moondoggies, The Romany Rye x2 (contemplating whether I let my Tunng tickets go, and go to this one..)

That feels pretty busy… Right?


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