I feel perminately sick…


Like – I don’t know how I am at work currently. Last night was my last night in Austin and we ended up out at some bar in the middle of nowhere (Poodies, Spicewood TX) – and it was amazing. I understand I am two days behind on my SXSW updates – and there is like major updates.

There are the do’s and don’t’s of festivals – because I swear, I did them all (get lifts with strangers, eat nothing but chips and beer, purposefully separate from your friends for endless possibilities – it goes on) and I have a few notes on what I saw – who I missed, and a quick list of what is NOT OK – because that seemed to be the mantra of my weekend.

So last night – I ended up out til 1AM, in bed by 1:30AM – at the airport by 4:55A and then at work at 10:30A (PST) – I was flying.. Until I had my second lunch – which has tipped me over the edge into food coma status, and all round sickness.

All in all – I think I want to move to Austin, to the full support of my mother (which is kind of a big deal) – and the support of my friends in San Francisco (I’m not sure if I should be offended or not..) issue is, I like my job – terrible I know. But to be in the heat most of the year, and to be around all the Southern gentlemen all day every day – would just be epic.

I was officially glamorized, and Texas – you need to cut it out (because feel this sick on the reg – is NOT OK!)


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