I could get my ears around Herdwhite, for days


Herdwhite is all up in my ear drums today, and I can be so grateful for that. I was sent it over by old mate at Led Astray Music.. As a bit of a tangent – this new partnership seems to be quite fruitful for me, if I am to be perfectly honest. Homeboy sends me quite a bit of music that is never not good – meaning always GOOD.

Herdwhite’s Dreamleaver (what Led Astray gifted me with) is that delicious sort of production that makes my heart do flip flops and my feet dance quietly on the floor, wihtout much brain participation. You know how that goes?

In a fabulous turn of events Herdwhite (originally from Manchester) is located in Berlin – where this femme is currently based. So – when’s a concert? When’s a get together? When’s cheeky wein?

We’re only a years age difference… 3 syllables – P.T.B.?



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