I can’t stop listening to the band formally known as Awesome New Republic.


Abbrev’s are all the rage these days – Management went to MGMT… Um and maybe that is it.. but Awesome New Republic is now ANR – and this makes sense to me –  too many words, too long.. I mean if I was smart I would start abbrev.’ing my website to LVTG, but don’t you think it looks sort of trans-genderish LGBT // LVTG – could get awkward.

Blah blah blah – I tend to ramble – I’m sorry. But I am fucking loving ANR – something so soothing about the boys from Miami. Makes me want to go – source them out, and then make them ravish me with their music.. I think I need a dirty weekend away. This is a completely different story – that I’m not really prepared to hash out here – but normally I don’t want music to ravish me – this probably means I am getting a tad desperate for attetion.. I have an idea as to how to combat this – however, this is a story for another day, I think.

Go – listen to ANR (the group formally known as Awesome New Republic)

And dream of dance parties in South Beach


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