I am musing all over you – like BABE STATUS (of my week)


So – Arizona Muse, your parents were pretty smart folk.. Giving you a fucking sick name.. I mean shit – people think my name is cool.. And it’s not even, it’s just my last name which is nice (Jasper) And you know, secretly I wish my first name was Jasper.. How sick would that be.. Epic. Anyway – Arizona Muse – you give all us “one day in the future mothers” an idea of what its like to be a cool parent, and have it work in your favor..

Good genes don’t hurt either.. I mean if I were to birth something – that ‘thing’ would probably be fucked – let’s be honest.. I’m 5’6, with shortish legs, and a chubby bottom.. My dad is bald, and my mum is 5’4 (love you guys dearly, just stating the facts) So it is safe to say I will not be birthing a model prodigy, like Arizona Muse. HOWEVER – the least I could do is name it correctly – so that this future being has a chance in hell of being fucking sick.

Because, friends – that sort of stuff defines your life.. Seriously. Unless I procreate with a 6’something, semi angular male, with a full head of hair – the greatest gift I can give to my offspring is to name it right…. How this became about me having babies, and not the babe of the week I don’t know.

Back to you Arizona Muse – you are not just beautiful. You have a fully sick name too – which absolutely defines you, and makes you that much more babe worthy. I would almost say that is your name was Patricia Hull – you would not be nearly as lust worthy. And that is OK – because you know what, you can always change that shit. And then divorce your parents for failing at their very first parenting task.

Imma lust all over you Arizona M – and then pop your name on my potentials for the future Lucy’s of this world.


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