HUMANS = so major – it makes my skin MELT.


So, I have been obsessing over Humans for god knows how long – their shit is like my number one jam for running up and down hills. Now, maybe that is not as exciting as pinging off my face and as a result loving this song – but it requires just as much physical stamina – AND I really think it is much more honorable.. I mean – Bike Home and Avec Mes Mecs, encourages me up the hills of SAN FRANCISCO (6+ times) – that is pretty fucking major.

I am loving the two new songs released on the website that is their bandcamp (below listen to Clothespins – personal fav out of the 2) . Gets me all sort of disco at my desk. It’s a real pity I am not drinking at the moment – because the weather is glorious, and I could definately cut out of work early – play this through some speakers and start my weekend with a bang. Thing I love most is the steel drum sounds in Clothespins – so deliciously island time.

Humans, please come to San Francisco – I will totally house you, if you would just play one show..

That’s a promise.


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