HOW TO: Prague, without all that annoying tourist faff.


If you have been to Europe you will probably know Prague is a top contender on most peoples holiday lists. I don’t know if it’s because 10 years ago it felt somehow undiscovered, it’s cheap as chips, or that beer and water are interchangeable items. Either way – it’s a holiday spot and it’s full of fucking people.

In an effort to keeo you a relaxed and almost joyful adventurer I’ve put together my top tipps for how to survive/ enjoy (!) Prague among all that tourist noise.


The thing about holidays is that sometimes over thinking can be the death of anything exciting. Prague is a tourist hub, you are going to be somewhere touristy, so don’t sweat this so much. The best thing about booking on the go is one of two things:

  1. There is a sense of unknown and excitement. You can’t get too worked up if you made the right choice, or the wrong choice because it’s the choice of right now, and that takes away so much pressure from a quick weekend getaway.
  2. You take advantage of last minute deals. They happen – and you should be privvy to them.

TIPPS: Living in the moment ain’t easy – that’s why there’s an app for that. Do your hotel booking through Hotel Tonight and you get all the excitement and money saving deals in one clever application. BOOM.



Buh – don’t just walk around the old town, you fools  ! Yes, Prague is made up of an old clock that no one can actually read, a Castle up on the hill (which we didn’t visit) and a whole bunch of Irish drinking holes, which I’m certain I was supposed to go to, but didn’t – and second thing why would I, we are in Prague… Get out of the center and see things. Do some research, get active on foursquare.

TIPPS: If research and planning really isn’t your speed – go on a Taste of Prague tour. They are going to take you around all the good things, without all that stressful tourist hype.



Prague is literally about as big as Neukölln. I mean – maybe not. But really – it’s not large. Walk. For one cabs can be kind of problematic with dodgy fairs and meters that “don’t work” but for two the city is really fucking beautiful. The neighbourhoods are lined with trees, beautiful old buildings and little shops which you would likely miss if you just jumped a cab between destinations.

TIPPS: Next week I will provide you with a post on where to go in Prague, largely by foot. That post is for you my friends. 



Things you need to know about Prague, it’s not Paris. You don’t need to spend your time trying to figure out how to not spend so much money to maximise your life. You can maximise your life just by fucking maximising it. Try everything once, eat off the bar menu because it is super cheap and has the most interesting food, have a beer at midday – everyone else is.

TIPPS: Please, please, please remember to count your change. We are no longer in the Euro, we are working in large denominations that carry not so much weight, it gets confusing and unfortunately people will rip you off. Count your change, be aware, eat everything.



So you head to Prague and there are people everywhere; for an Australian this is exhausting. What you need to remember is days aren’t actually only valid from 10-6 and then it’s over for that tourist stuff, a lot of the attractions of Prague are open late or always open. So why limit yourself to the peak tourist hours. The Castle and Charles Bridge you probably should tick off your lists – so think outside your typical time limitations.

TIPPS: The Castle is open til midnight and Charles Bridge is always open. Try an early morning wander through the streets of Prague to bridge with only local joggers or a late night beer up by the Castle overlooking the city. HOW ROMANTISCH ! <3


If you want the full list of wishes, wants and possibilities for your time in Prague you will find them all over on Foursquare. Stay tuned for the next Prague post on what’s good/ how to get there.

As they say in Czech: Na shledanou!


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