HOW TO: pick a hotel.


I think it was well over 3 months ago now I stayed at the 2 different 25hours Hotel in Hamburg as part of my Dockville adventure. This was insane for a variety of reasons:

  1. Have you been to the 25hour Hotel’s in Hamburg? Lush.
  2. I love hotels. I don’t know how you can’t – they are magical places, that only want to make you happy. MARRY ME.

After staying at these two hotels – I realised a good hotel isn’t just made up of:

  • nice sheets – although, this is a must – don’t fuck around with this.
  • clean architecture – go for a design hotel – they’re going to make you feel cool, always.
  • a gym because you are that idiot who runs on holidays
  • WiFi because it’s 2013 and if you don’t have WiFi as a hotel – I’m judging you.
  • 24/7 front desk because safety is key – and I probably need something at 2A – like a snack.
  • a well stocked mini bar – because obvious.

A good hotel is also made up of the little details that people often forget in their “I’m staying in a hotel” checklist. The little things are not these ones above; these are the things that I expect in almost all hotels – although, to be fair – I don’t care about a gym, but I can sympathise with it.

This list I’m about to give you is largely inspired by my stay in the 25hours Hotels of Hamburg (Number One and Hafen City) – for no other reason than I can’t really remember the last time I stayed in a hotel and came away thinking that was amazing. Apart from the ACE Hotel in Palm Springs, which is amazing and this one hotel in Montauk which was kind of epic, but I am entirely blanking on it’s name… And I think that maybe I was just really smitten with it’s boating vibe.

You’re staying in a hotel? Here’s what you need:

FREE TRANSPORTATION – I’m keeping this pretty open as simply “transportation” because why limit yourself? At both the Hafen City 25hours hotel and the Number One we had bikes and access to Mini Coopers, for free… Yes. So I didn’t go in the car, but the bikes took us around Hamburg with our eyes wide open. In European cities this is the biggest plus out there. Generally the cities are bike friendly, and in summer – the weather is perfection. Why you would ever reject this as a perk is beyond me.

FREE BREAKFAST – It is very likely this is the fat kid within, but if you are offering a breakfast as part of your deal – you had me at Hallo, guten Tag. The thing about staying in Hotels is that they can sometimes be pricey. I like to think that everyone that reads my blog is rich and fabulous – you probably aren’t, so you probably think about how to appear fabulous – but thrifty. Welcome to the free breakfast. Wake up late – call it a late breakfast early lunch and you have just covered 2 meals, practically for free. I’m unsure if I am supposed to push this as something to aspire to – but I’m pushing it. FREE BREAKFAST.

COOL SHAMPOO/ CONDITIONER/ MOISTURIZER – Probably you think I’m daft. But in all seriousness in hotels, it’s about the little things. I mean granted they should have clean sheets, a tele and more often than not an iPod dock. But what I really cherish – is clever/ nice toiletries.. I think it’s mostly because I often forget mine – so when a hotel remembers to keep them cool, I’m theirs forever. The 25hours Hotel has shampoo/ conditioner/ moisturizer that reminds me not to waste water. As an Australian who grew up in a drought – I like this.. Nay, I love this. Save water motherfuckers – and let’s not make it awkward.

Headed to Hamburg? Stay at the 25hours Hotel.


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