HOW TO: move overseas, make friends in Berlin & sehr much more.


Lucy - Berlin Community RadioSo we had our third Berlin Community Radio show – 3 is not the magic number. We laughed, we sobbed quietly between tracks and we managed to flummox our way through – for an entire hour… Talking about your problems. It’s a bloody miracle.

The stream is available at the bottom of this post, good bless soundcloud/ those clever femmes who run the show for getting it up in such good time. If you, like me – don’t want to listen to my voice on the radio but want to be enlightened by the nuggets of info dropped through that hour of power, you’ll find it all in text form after the jump. That, and the track listing – as promised.

Quick thanks to Henning from no fear of pop and Erin no twitter for being such sports and talking to me for 1hr. Oh – and a big thanks to the guys over at Leisure system for hooking us up with the Hubie Davison track.

Next time I’ll attempt to say “like” less often, I promise.


Ta-KuI Miss You (feat Atu)
Ghost CultureMouth
Hubie DavisonI Won’t Be There


Dear Lucy/ Erin,
I’m considering moving onwards and outwards from Germany. The thing is – I don’t know how to just do it. Life is good here… Why would I pick up and go? I’ve traveled, I feel like I’ve seen a lot – but also I feel like I’m missing out by not throwing caution to the wind and living rather than traveling.

I have lived here my whole life – I’m sure there’s a bigger world out there that I need to see. But it’s really hard to take the leap.

Help me out,




  1. Don’t think, just do. If you sit there thinking about these things, then something comes up, and stops you from going. The greatest regrets for me are those of inactivity. Be active.
  2. Have a sort of plan (ie. Where you want to go, how much money you will need etc.) – just leaving without direction will probably end in disaster. Have enough money, have a city in mind – and then go. The rest will fall into place upon arrival.
  3. If you get to the point where you: have no money, no friends, generally hate life. You come home. I hold solace in the fact that Australia is one of the best countries in the world – if this gets tiring, there are worse places to return to. Germany is much the same.

Dear Lucy,
I’ve moved to Berlin, and making friends is hard. It’s not that people are unfriendly – but it’s just taking a bit of time to find a group that I can call my own, on a regular basis.

Maybe people take some time to warm up to new friends, I’m not sure.

Question is: how do I make friends here? I’m lonely.



  1. Do you speak German? German school is the answer to this. They might not be forever friends, but they will give you some relief from the nothing.
  2. Sounds super lame – but I found my blog to be a friend maker here. Coming from America where you just meet people in bars, I also struggled with the stand-off’ish nature of the city. So I tweeted, I inboxed, I had coffees, I went to events. It was exhausting – and kind of degrading, but I managed to curate friends, with people who actually have the same interests – HUZZAH.
  3. Sports. Soccer/ football is a good one for boys (maybe there are girls teams, not sure) – running clubs are all over the city. Superficial me: these people are fit, read: good looking. Babes galore – possible part time boyfriend material. Killing many birds.

Dear Lucy,
All I want for Christmas is to lose 5kgs (and a pair of Nike Airs). What a nightmare – because Christmas goose/ hot wine/ bratwurst/ and baked cinnamon goods.

Do you diet? I’ve never dieted, but I’d love a few hints on how to keep the weight at bay, and maybe lose some before summer rolls around again, like 6 months – SAD.

Not fat – not thin.


  1. Blergh to diets – how boring are they? Totally boring.
  2. Try going for a 20-25 min run 3-4 times a week. Yes, that seems like a lot – but it’s really not. And once you get through 3 weeks of it, it becomes a habit – and habits are hard to break.
  3. Don’t each carbs after 4P. Not eating carbs altogether is a recipe for disaster, especially in Europe. You need immense willpower.
  4. Think about what you can eat, rather than what you can’t. It makes supermarket shopping easier, because you always want what you absolutely can’t have.



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