Hey thanks Rachel – apprec. and adore


So – I was actually looking at my twitter this morning – I normally don’t do this, I quickly flick through with a coffee – and then forget what I saw, it’s bad. I really should pay more attention. Anyway – Do512 posted a schedule from their mate Rachel – which I think is actually totally helpful.. Could just be that is the way in which my brain likes to process info – but it makes everything make sense..!

So you should head here – and print that shit, sign up for the parties that say RSVP’ed, highlight stuff you are interested etc. etc.

By god it is like having your very own PA!

P.S IF you follow my facey – you will be aware that Brad from SXSW semi yelled at me regarding the use of the SXSW logo. I’m kind of certain this is because I popped an UNOFFICIAL banner over the top of it, and this is “not allowed”.. So I made my own logo.. sort of.. What are you thoughts Brad? Are we ok? (above)


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