Hey – so I’m gettin’ fancier and fancier – by the DAY!


So – I have started tagging shit for the Fancy. Not sure if you have heard about it – but it is like this big website, where people find things online (that are sick) tag them, and then everyone can browse through and get inspiration/ shop/ whatever. It’s sort of like ffffound – BUT for shopping/ style/ general radness – not just arty cool things.

My boss invited me – because I think he thinks I’m like pretty major, which I love. But what he doesn’t understand is that now it’s just something extra that keeps me preoccupied at work. Having said that, I only just started – I’m not sure how addicted I will get, but that is sort of the beauty of it – as I’m scrolling through things I can just “Add to Fancy” – and it takes like 3 seconds flat. FAB. My only complaint with the site is that I can’t ‘tag’ videos or sounds – that would be perfect. Then I would tag all sort of music/ rad visual shit. ZING

Blah blah blah – you should all go check it out – and then have a peek at my profile!

Be loyal to the mistress.


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