Hey November, what’s doing?


So as November draws to a close – I manage to get my shit together. Not that I am commiting to making a clever playlist once a month, but it’s kind of a nice way for me to document the good the jazzy and delicious.

Handful of people we have covered on the blog this month, a handful we haven’t but have been loved and noted on other corners of the internet. I can’t really get my thoughts together right now – I was literally defeated by my weekend, and I am now finding it incredibly hard to function.

The track list is as follows:

  1. Parents’ House — Colleagues
  2. Dreamleaver — Herdwhite
  3. Get It All — Karl X Johan
  4. Blue Lake — Mereki
  5. Lines ft. A$AP Rocky & PhantogramBig Boi
  6. The Fallout — Craig Black
  7. Lighthouse — IYES
  8. Like the Wind — NONONO
  9. Promises — Youan
  10. Another Tomorrow — Lusine
  11. Soleil — Roosevelt
  12. Anywhere — Rough Days For Diamond Trade
  13. Kemosabe — Everything Everything
  14. Ghost — Ballet School
  15. A Finale – Iberia

Have a listen to your November playlist, and sway out to the beginnings of winter.


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