HEY! Lazy followers – here’s your God damn babe of the week.


OK – so when I ask you to give some suggestions on babe of the week, I don’t mean sit there with your fingers up your arse while I do all the work.

Week in week out, I recommend babes for you all to look at, and the one week I am too crazy busy/ don’t really have time to source the crazy beauties that grace this earth -your guys become mutes? Seriously, I don’t buy it.

Either way – I am bummed because I really wanted to do a big babe worthy post on Georgia May Jagger – dazzling offspring of Mick Jagger. I think I will anyway, because she really is too fucking brutally beautiful to waste a lack lustre Friday on her.

A divine creature, with legs for days and lips that look like big ol’ pillows, here are two photos you can swoon for; we will unleash the fury that is Georgia May at a later date – when you have forgotten we visited this gem today.

Making her new and sparkling again.


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