Hey, I’m with the BAND. Yes, yes I am.


So – I constantly have moments of star-struckness. and generally it’s un-warranted. like when Jonsi followed me back on twitter – and then I realised he is following as many people as follow (him) – then Young Empire followed me on Soundcloud – and I nearly blew my load. that was a moment, for young and old.

Anyway – today. I get a friend request (on Facebook) from someone – who, frankly, I don’t know. Thoughts, in order of appearance:

  1. Oh this person is Spanish – maybe it is one of the Spaniards, Spanish friends who he referred to the FAN PAGE (quickly, you – READER, go follow me now) – and they want to be my friend also.. cute?
  2. Wait – no, asked Spainiard, doesn’t know that name. but what is that (on this persons page was Religion: The Fruhstucks) didn’t I follow the Fruhstucks on twitter yesterday. Didn’t I read an article about them yesteday. Wasn’t I going to Skype them to the Texan yesterday? Didn’t I write a post about them.. YESTERDAY!

And now I realise that the guy – who I am now friends with (on Facebook), with “the Fruhstucks” as his religion, is with the band.. STAR STRUCK much Miss Jasper?!

My question is – how did he actually find me – pretty sure none of my twitter shit is related to my facey…


I’m with the band. heyyy-yoooo.

Now – new Spainish mate – FOLLOW my page. and then we can spam each other and have a really beautiful online relationship.. (as a side note – I have a post dated blog item about you, so that will be a nice suprise, when it gets unleashed on my epic set of blog followers.)


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