Hey – if you are near a transmitter this might be cool for you.


So Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie xx‘s new album “We’re New Here”  is available to be streamed – right now. IF you are within range of one of the transmitters – from your smart phone.. Now – I have a smart phone, so TICK – but it seems that 6 blocks is not within range, it seems that the 3 transmitters which are all located 6 blocks away – are just not quite close enough.

Now I get being fancy, I get using technology, I get being generally SICK with technology – I fucking get it. But the fact is – there is actually no point in this, what am I going to do – go stand at the SF MOMA during work hours – and try and stream this fucking album, now I’m just pissed. I mean I think that Cut Copy did it right – “tweet this, and get access to the new CD a few days early” – that was good.

This is not. I mean I am so god damn excited for this, like SO exited. But now I’m just fucking angry. I think it’s a case of wanting what I can’t have.


(I actually really do still love you XL Recordings/ Young Turks/ Jamie xx/ Gil Scott-Heron – I love you all dearly. But I can’t stream this, and that effects me. It is a really cool idea – if there were more transmitters.. I mean, I work downtown – I shouldn’t be having this problem. GROS BIS X – can’t wait to finally hear ‘We’re New Here’ on the 21st Feb.. But in the meantime – eat shit and die.)


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