Hey Friday – get down Fridays.


So I haven’t done the posty thing in a while. It’s gotten awkward. Life’s become hectic. And maybe/ hopefully it’s settling down.

An update: I’m still homeless, I’m still unemployed, and I’m still in Germany. But as opposed to being in the fair city that is Hamburg – I am now more permanently in Berlin. Hallelujah!

So I came across this – and maybe everyone else did too – I don’t know, but don’t you just find it the dreamiest for a Friday. I don’t have a lick of information on this outfit but it seems I already like Two Inch Punch on facebook.. I’m ahead of myself?

Regardless of my ability to forget music I already liked – you should like this, it’s unforgettable (contrary to popular efforts by me) – so hit the play button. sway a fraction. add some fizzy water to a glass of pink wine.

…And thank God it’s Friday.


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