The title actually says it all.  I have legitimately had the most manic week – last week, and looking at my phones calendar right now – this one coming won’t be much different. This is a bit strange for me, with my minimal assortment of mates – but I’ll embrace it.

So – as a result of my oh-so-popular life, I’m sourcing music – and to be (Anne) frank, source I have done. I found FOUNDS somewhere in my music rabbit hole – and I officially can’t get out.

This team is out of Brisbane Australia, which is sort of a really dreamy place to reside. I don’t know that I would ever want to live in Brisbane – it feels a bit village for me, but I also think that Brisbane might have changed drastically since I was last there, when I was 12 (!)

There are beaches, you have access to some of the most beautiful coast line the world has to offer, and you are surrounded by Australians who like to frolic in the sun, drink beers by the water and live the good life. Let’s get real – who wouldn’t want to live in that paradise?

And I think this life of wonder really shows through their music. Caves is dreamy-AS, it almost gets you to take off – which is blissful, almost always.

The only thing that I don’t understand – is the 6 member situation they have going on. I’m not anti it, and I get life isn’t only about making money – but HOW do you make money with a band that large, like ever. Like.. HOW? I have the same question for Ra Ra Riot, and Heyerdahl – and maybe one day, someone will answer it for me.

For now you must get your ears around FOUNDS, because I did – and I liked it.


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