Hawkon’s in Berlin. Hawkon has a new song. Huzzzah.


It’s a good day. Today we are BACK with a couple of ideal things:

  1. Hawkon‘s back with new song Burn Me Down
  2. Hawkon’s back in Berlin.

This last love song and dedication from old mate manages to light all the right fires. Quite frankly, Hawkon sings the love songs I dream of – the ones where the slightly awkward, social misfit grows a pair and gets the girl; and then all of a sudden smooth rnb vibes come over the airwaves, everyone wraps themselves in a very firm embrace and the future isn’t so bleak.

Tonight – you can feel all of those vibes and more at Monarch for Nordic by Nature‘s Bergen Night along with an acoustic set from Put Your Hands Up For Neo-Tokyo, DJ musings from Pastor and the lovely laaaadies themselves. The gig is 100% free, all you need to do is send those clever femmes a really nice email.

Details are as follows, but you can also find all this on the facebook page:

DATE: December 10th (today)
DOORS: 20:00 (10PM for those that can’t 24h clock)
CO$T: FREEEE (make sure you send an email to guestlist@nbnberlin.de)

So.. Listen to the latest from Hawkon, get RSVP’ing to his gig tonight and…

We’ll see you at Monarch.



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