Hawkon you delicious Norwegian/ UK hybrid.


hawkonAt this point, right this second, can we give a quick thanks to my new mate Simen from Spoon Train for flicking Hawkon’s 1000 Questions my way via the Twitter. I’ve been pretty shit on anything internet themed this last 3 weeks due to my travels to Iran/ moving into a new apartment with zero internet. I’m starting to resurface, and I can firmly say I have missed this “I love music” business.

There is literally no information on the Internet surrounding Hawkon but from what I can understand old mate’s some form of Norwegian/ UK hybrid – and I’m vibing it entirely. I don’t even think I have experienced a scenario in my entire life that I could articulate to explain the sexy emotions I’m going through right now listening to this track. Maybe this is entirely pathetic – maybe I need to date sexier dudes – OR maybe you just need to have a listen – and hopefully go through the same confusing sexy emotions on your own.

With only 5 fans on Facebook go wrap you little liking thumbs around this one, and don’t let go.

Because when it feels this good – why would you let go? Idiot.



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