Happy Thanksgiving.


I know most of Euro (slash the WORLD) don’t/ doesn’t really care that today is Thanksgiving – but it is. And it’s glorious. To be honest – you should all be a bit jealous of America, for this day alone. It’s fucking brilliant. People come together – they watch sports and eat like it is their last meal – ever. What is not to like?
Things I am thankful for? here is a short list:

  1. My blue eyes.
  2. My Australian’ness.
  3. The amount of hair I have on my head.
  4. My ability to rock a power bun – anytime.
  5. Clever socks on guys.
  6. M83’s new album.
  7. Lana Del Rey.
  8. Ryan Gosling.
  9. Vodka and soda – and it’s lack of calories.
  10. My semi animated face and the effect it has on children.
  11. My mates new baby Willow – because she is better than your baby, by default.
  12. The phrase – Oh {insert name here}.
  13. Oprah – my American Jesus.
  14. Beyonce AND Jay Z – my musical Jesus (Beyonce), the greatest power couple of our generation.
  15. Umbrellas – because it is raining today.
  16. My ability to tan, given the opportunity.

So – I am hosting Thanksgiving – 14 people, my apartment – one turkey, named Henni. I think it’s a bit sick that my co-worker named the turkey I will be cooking this afternoon. It’s kind of like how I think it’s a bit sick we eat Jelly Babies – think about it, we are eating babies..

In an effort for it not be weird that we named Henni, we took him to a bar last night – and then to the supermarket to pick out his sides.

So from Henni and I – Happy Thanksgiving.


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