HANDS, I’m pleased we are facey friends, for realz.


I know I express my love of Facebook, often > with regards to it giving me a lot of material for the BLOG, and I’m sorry to harp on about it > but is the lazy bloggers way of breaking news. Seriously..

Not that I really break news, I mean – I’m not a taste maker – I don’t tell you what you should and should not like (although if you don’t like what I like, then we have an issue.. kids) BUT it’s nice to share cool things, and that is what I am working on.

So Hands shared this video of them playing music in some fabulously ‘ipster looking house overlooking Silver Lake. For many reasons this makes me swoon, but mainly because I am just obsessed with their music.. I love a good video, and frankly – I love any distraction I can get from work. So God bless you all.

Note to SF’ers: these kids are playing at the Rickshaw Stop on Aug 4th.. Seems you can’t buy tickets yet, which is great for me – because I am totally poor til tomorrow. But kind of shitty – because what is going to happen is –

  • I will forget to org. tickets, and then knowing my luck…
  • they will sell out. Going on from there…
  • I will email the guy who runs Popscene (Thursdays at the Rickshaw Stop) and…
  • he wont get back to me, because I kind of think he actually might be an arsehole.

    Fine – I get it, you need to call bullshit sometimes on people that are all “I write about music, and I need to go to concerts etc.”, but shit effort when you say no to me, for no specific reason other than it doesn’t benefit me when you get all exclusive on this..

    Anyway – I’ll holler when the tickets become avail. and then we can all rendez-vous to HANDS togeths. OKAAYYYY?



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