I think I fucked it..


This is one of those – oh bugger moments, when you are over promising and under delivering.. And I hate those people.. But unfortunately I think I might be one.. I had hoped to get through A-Z of SXSW before SXSW.. however.. this is just not possible – there are about 7 days until the music section starts, and I am at H. fuck… I’m totally sorry guys – but I doubt that many of you really care, I mean fuck, if you come here – it’s not to see my thoughts and feelings on SXSW – I think you just come here because my site is shiny, and sometimes I say funny things. So I’m not going to feel bad anymore. Listen to the below – love the below – and if you make it to SXSW – make sure you find the below bands, and groupie the shit outta them.

Hungry Kids of Hungary — Scattered Diamonds
Feelings: Driving in a car – top down – babe in the seat next to you. Picnics in fields – tepee tents – getting thrown in the ocean – sun baking on piers off beaches in Australia

Quick Notes: These kids are from Australia – so I guess it’s only natural (from knowing this) I think of things that make me feel Australian (note – sun baking on piers, ocean adventures etc.) – and can I just say – all the best things come from Australia, naturally.

Hands — Magic Fingers
Feelings: Cold weather – hot coffees – cigarettes (oh cigarettes, I miss you..) – maybe a nice beer with mates. Makes me think night times, and cheeky parties, where you just knew that the night was going to be epic prior – and it gave you butterflies days in advance.

Quick Notes: These boys are from LA – and god do they make me feel spectacular.. I mean fuck. It’s that sort of seedy spectacular, where you are a little buzzed, smoking someone else’s ciggie, with a general feeling of excitement. This is a life that has surpassed me – and I miss it dearly.

High Highs — Flowers Bloom
Feelings: Love affairs at the office, or classroom. It makes me think of those moments of remembering the flirty times, you know the vintage memories. When you think back you see it in vintage hipster highlights – that’s what this is – edits of all my vintage crushes (the best bits) flashing – in a fabulous (500) days of Summer type montage.

Quick Notes: They are from NYC – so I guess they have to fabulous. I mean that is how it works, right?

the Holidays — Golden Sky (Australian)
Feelings: One word – drums. I know you can’t feel drums – but drums make me feel.. LIKE MOVING! throw in some warm weather, because that is what I dream about, constantly – and we have ourselves a party.. Island party? Why NOT!

Quick Notes: Again, these kids are from Australia, the motherland. What a fabulous place, what a great bunch of people. Australia (says) – Where the bloody hell are you?

Want more? go check out SXSW – I urge you to do this anyway, as I highly doubt I will get through the A-Z’s by March 16th (fuck)


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