Guess who got chatty with CTM? This guy.


There is something very 80’s special about Cæcilie Trier’s aka CTM‘s latest/ soon to be released EP Variations that resonnates with me. Yes – I’m a product of the 80’s but if we are going to get serious – I’m a child of the 90’s. I likely couldn’t make sensical conversations with another human during the 80’s let alone appreciate it’s music. So the fact that CTM’s EP makes me feel like the 80’s, would lead you to believe that this is an absolute credit to the music. There is a sense of nostalgia and familiarity in a warm and fuzzy way – that you just can’t get from tunes unless:

  1. You’ve heard it before.
  2. It’s fucking wonderful.

Cæcilie, you are fucking wonderful. Your album, due out on February 18, is fucking wonderful. Having had it in my iPod for the last 2 weeks or so – I can say that with great confidence. Out of the 5 songs on your EP, there is not one that leaves me disappointed – like, at all. If I could walk down the aisle with one of the five, it would probably be the title track Variations (tacked on the bottom of this post). There is this very magical moment in that song (~1:30), where it goes boom – my face smiles on cue – and I realise I’m alright. I hadn’t realised I was alright for quite some time – so I actually thank you. Again, you-are-fucking-wonderful.

I managed to interview the great femme herself. And as you all probably know – my skills as an interviewer are lacking, I can never come up with good questions, so I end up crowd-sourcing them randomly on twitter. After getting these interview questions back just this week, I firmly believe that if Cæcilie and I were to meet, we would be best friends. Cæcilie, your mate Steffi, she has my number, she has my email, she has my facebook, fuck – she probably even knows my home address – let’s be friends.

My only real issue I have with us being friends, is that because I am Australian and therefor entirely uncultured – I have absolutely no idea how to pronounce your name. I have just plugged it into Google translate.. Not quite how I thought it would go – but it’s definitely not as scary as I had initially expected. For sure, you are one of the most delicious Danes I have encountered – and that is saying a great deal, as your people in general are awfully delicious.

Recommendations (of course I have some):

  1. Buy the EP when it comes out on the 18th Feb (Germany, Austria, Swiss).
  2. Listen to the track Variations just below
  3. Read the interview – it’s bloody marvelous.


LUCY: If you were a tropical fruit, what would you be?
CTM: I would like to be a pineapple.

LUCY: Do you have any guilty musical pleasures? – for example, my (current) dirty little secret is Missy Elliott.
CTM: I am madly in love with Missy Elliott. No guilty pleasure, I mean what’s not to like, she’s pretty cool.
“Is it worth it, let me work it
I put my thing down, flip it and reverse it”

So, I’m a big Michael Jackson fan as well, and that’s different, I mean if you like Prince everybody is totally with you (and I understand why, I adore him too) but Michael Jackson, he’s not really comme il-faut. I don’t know why, I mean he’s so cool, he’s the best dancer and singer and he made BAD and Dangerous, two of the best pop albums ever. Everybody knows he wasn’t a paedophile, come on. He was a child himself, he thought he was Peter Pan or something. I loved him as a kid.

LUCY: Disposable camera, or polaroid?
CTM: Spy camera

LUCY: Who is your spirit animal/ why?…Mine is Nicholas Cage, because it’s Nicholas Cage.
CTM: I think it is an eagle, but if you say Nicolas Cage, mine must be Mickey Rourke, in his character of that sad old boxer. Why an eagle. I didn’t know so I asked a friend. He also said a bear, but I prefer the eagle. Probably is a teddy bear though.

LUCY: If you could be one toy from your childhood – which would you be? I would be a Ninja Turtle – mostly because those were the only toys we owned, apart from lego.
CTM: There was this sweet girl, she was my nanny, she was called Lotte and she had the cutest parrot teddy kinda toy. One day she let me bring it home for one day, if I promised to return it exactly in the same condition. I was so happy and proud about the loan, and I went straight home and painted the parrot all blue with my mothers makeup kit. Lotte was very mad about the vandalized parrot, she wouldn’t take it back. I still feel terribly guilty about it, shame shame shame.
I am that parrot, I can never leave it, hah.

LUCY: You have to settle on water plus one other drink for the rest of your life. Which one and why?
CTM: hm. I really love Ayran, its a salty yoghurt drink. But can I have three drinks? I would like to get drunk sometimes, so white wine also.

LUCY: The world is ending, and you can kiss any person who has graced the earth – who do you choose to lock lips with, why?
CTM: I would kiss Yoko Ono, only I don’t think she would let me, she’s not making it too easy to love her. I love her though. And there’s this danish poet, Henrik Nordbrandt, he seems to be depressed and irritated all the time. He makes the most beautiful poems and has the most beautiful thoughts. I just read his autobiography and his new book of poems, I would want to give him a kiss if it could cheer him up, but as with Yoko Ono, he seems like someone who doesn’t like to have any people close to him at anytime. You miss out on some good things then, that’s a shame.

LUCY: If you won a goldfish at a fair – what would you call it? Any profound meaning behind this?
CTM: John. I rediscovered Camera Obscura (Nico) yesterday, it is a monster, an iceberg of rhythm patterns and she’s a polar bear reciting the end of the world. She is also very sexy, the music is very cool with very little tonal material in the arrangements, very sparse and elegant. The arrangements are made by John Cale. So John, for John Cale, John Lennon and Yoko’s Double Fantasy record, John Webster, John Cage, John, I’m only dancing again from the Bowie album ” Young Americans”

LUCY: When I say the name “Lucy Jasper” what are you first thoughts, I want a story.
CTM: I think of a beautiful girl who wants to dance with you. So you do. End of story.

LUCY: Tell us anything you deem relevant.
CTM: CTM is music for your eternal peace and pleasure.

Amen Cæcilie, A-men.



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