Good morning minions, Purity Ring salutes you


mate. MATE. I think Purity Ring has the most ghastly name on the planet – it reminds me of that Monday Tuesday Wednesday contraception ad in the US with the girls in the bathing caps jumping in the pool. Call me a prude – but I’m not into a band reminding me of a contraceptive device that’s all up in your business.

HOWEVER – am into the band. Like AS-IS; you don’t need to change your name, don’t ever change your sound, maybe release more than one song every 3 months. That would be a total win – like I would be right into 5 new songs – that I could just love up for at least 2 months… Things that is happening in July – an album. WIN-NING.

Obedear is the latest – and I am all over it like a fat kid to cake.

Get it in your ear drums – let it move your feet a bit.



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