Gold Fields – you make me weak.. And it’s not because you are Australian – I have that accent too.


Do you know why I am proud to call myself Australian….?

  1. Not because we can generally drink more than most (not me – I can’t.. I mean I can drink – but then I get to a point, and.. it’s not ok)
  2. It is not because we know how to party, like have a good time while out – some countries aren’t very good at this – we are your obvious entertainers.
  3. It’s not because we have fabulous designers who we love to support
  4. It’s not because we are truly well traveled and generally know more shit than you.. KIDDING!

It IS for bands like Gold Fields. FUCKFUCKFUCK – this song (Treehouse) has just made my afternoon. I’ll tell you what is so fabulous about these boys – they look so Melbourne. I am from Melbourne, and they look boys I would swoon over. They look like friends I would likely have. They look like Melbourne boys that I just want to wrap up and pop in my pocket.. And I miss that. I miss a Melbourne boy with a slightly oversized grey marle tshirt – rather than a collared shirt. I miss a Melbourne boy, who wouldn’t dare chat you up – but would start a conversation with “Oh yeah – how you going then?” SWOOOOOON.

What I get mostly proud of is that they are Australian (full stop), and we are but a small country – of only 22 million. However, we sure do have some talented folk. Maybe it is because we have such few people that it just happens to work in our favor, people get noticed etc. Or maybe it is because we are that good.

We could debate it for hours – so lets just call it a draw and agree – we are in fact, THAT GOOD.

Listen to Gold Fields, then fan their facey page, then reblog this shit, thank/ praise me for being awesome (you’re welcome)


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