God I wish I was one of those cool people..


You know the ones that don’t give a shit. Like right now – I am absolutely consumed with jealousy – about shit that really doesn’t affect me, nor will it ever. And the fact is – I am a rational person, I mean I used to babysit this family when I was younger, and I used to try rationalising with their 4 year old. I mean – no one rationalises with a 4 year old – why would you, they are 4. But I did, because that is how my brain works.

So I am one of those thinkers that can do this – and deduct the perfect outcome out of a situation because I can rationally think about things. Not right now. Right now – I am consumed with bull shit girl rage/ jealousy, over someone I don’t even really care about. Gah – talk about depressing.. I don’t even know why I get like this, it is so unattractive – and I can see this – but still, I’m raging.

The most fucked up thing about it all is that I am in Australia right now, what is the point of getting crazy girl – when the crazy relates to people in AMERICA. There is NO POINT LUCY. You can’t do shit, but sit by the fire and tip-tap-type out your feelings, or eat them. And no one wants to eat their feelings right now. I mean the best thing I could do at this point is lose another 5kgs – look awesome and then be all “heyyyyyyyyy. Can’t touch this.”

I think that the absolute best thing that could happen for crazy girls is to go to crazy girl classes – fuck yoga and spirituality. Don’t teach me how to be zen etc. teach me how NOT to care. That would be a fucking awesome starting point.

Because right now – I pretend I don’t. But fuck me – you’re killing me.


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