Gl∞m to spice up the dreariest of days


Something about the winter makes you want to only be listening to super moody/ brooding music. And that’s exactly what Gl∞m‘s Catharsis is. If I were to ride my bike in cold temperatures, I’m sure it would be the soundtrack.

Gl∞m’s a pretty weird name though, to be fair. I mean – ∞ – is not a letter, is it? Or is it from very strange alphabet?? This is the problem with being Australian, you don’t know anything about strange letters. In Australia you can tell if a girl is totally basic because they start spelling their name differently at about 20 with the dot dots. Zoë, Chloë etc. And now that I know how this letter sounds (ë) – I know this is incorrect. I think we are pronouncing the name Gloom, but really – you can never be too sure.

This one is coming to you from the Moose Records Moosetape #7, which is actually a pretty delicious listen if you have time for it and “name your own price” on Bandcamp…which pretty much means free.

Get that.



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