GIVEAWAY: Truls, Sekuoia & Noah Kin.. Cheers for that !


It’s an exciting time for Berlin, do you want to know why Berlin? Ok I will tell you. Ja Ja Ja has made it to our fair city and on the second Thursday of each month, they are hand-picking some of the finest new talent from the Nordic regions of the world and presenting them to us at FluxBau because they can.

We are onto our THIRD month now (can you believe it?!) and this time they are bringing together their BEST show yet (really) AND they have given us tickets to give away – YEAH SHIT ! Wanna win? It’s dead easy:

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  3. Fill out your details on the JA JA JA Giveaway ! tab before Wednesday 10th December 17:00.
  4. BOOM – check your emails ~18:00 10th Dec !

The facts of the evening are as follows, the details of the acts playing are shortly there after, I don’t have shit to do the evening of the 13th November – so, hopefully I will see you there.

DOORS: 20:00
COST: 5€ JaJaJa-member/ 7€ non-member (get your membership here)


Have you been drinking the Scandinavian pop music koolaid recently? Neither – but I might just start after having a bit of listen to old mate Truls. Really – this is a good bit of empowering danceable pop music. I have visions of myself in summer – being fabulous, beautiful and generally that femme you wanna link arms with and just merrily skip off into the distance. This obviously wasn’t me in summer – because I’m a wreck, BUT the fact I feel this way when listening to Truls has gotta give us all hope !

I have seen Sekuoia twice live, I think. And I’m still bloody excited to see him at FluxBau. The shows are always super emotional, and really really fucking nice. My only gripe with him is that his name is so bloody difficult to spell, I’m forever feeling like a dipshit as I can’t get a handle on it. I mean really, what are all those vowels ! This is not real. We actually interviewed Sekuoia earlier in the week – he is nice and funny, so if for no other reason you should get around him because of that.

Wiggity wiggity wack – Noah Kin is BACK ! I’m sorry, that was not called for. But he is, back – that is. Last time we saw this one was at our beloved Our/Berlin music week in 2013 – that was fucking ages ago. It’s Scandinavian hip hop, but nothing like what we have come to expect from hip hop out of Scandivnavian (think Yung Lean) and really – thank god, because that sort of sad boyz hip hop can be really awkward live.


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