GIVEAWAY: Torgny and his very special album


You thought you got it all at Christmas. Didn’t. In 2014 Lucy vs. the Globe is going to be the Oprah of the internet. Ok – so we’re probably not giving away a car, nor a $10,000 cheque to spend at Target – but we are giving.

This is where Torgny comes in. Torgny is a former hardcore sensation who has turned his interest and talents to that of a more electronic persuasion, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Here are a couple reasons why we are loving Torgny:

  1. Most of his recent album art looks like abstract vaginas. This is about as exciting as Beyonce’s secret album, in artwork terms.
  2. His tracks are melodic and gloomy yet energised and entirely restless – if you were to soundtrack my 2014, this is exactly how I would want it to sound.
  3. His press photos show the right amount of T&A to keep us interested, all the while leaving us wanting more.
  4. He is from Oslo. Scandinavia is where all the good folk are from, this a long established fact.
  5. On January 31st, he has a new album coming out. That’s the same day as our Blog Party.. That’s gotta mean something. Something good.

In light of all these very good/ valid reason for love and admiration of Torgny we decided to giveaway said new album Oil Panic (the one coming out on the 31st of January) on vinyl. Wanna win a new record for your collection? It’s dead easy. All you have to do is head over to the facebook page, and fill out your details.

You have til Feb 3 – get around it.



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