GIVEAWAY: MØ does Berlin & we have 2×2 tickets


MØThis event has been cancelled due to illness and will be rescheduled for a later date; we will still be giving tickets away. If you have already entered – you are still in the running. Sorry pancakes.

Oh good god – life just got so real, for you. Our femme of far too much sass from Denmark is coming. is coming to Berlin…and Hamburg. But I don’t care about Hamburg. Not that I don’t like you good people of that city by the water – but I don’t have anything for you.

SO! MØ is coming to Berlin – and I am so excited I could just about spew! I feel like for the longest time old mate has been darting all over the EU/ UK/ USA (seriously?) and missing Berlin each and every time. It actually got to the point where I thought I would have go to Hamburg to see one of her concerts – and then I did some mental maths, and realised it would cost me a small fortune, so vetoed that idea.

To make matters ever more exciting – I’ve been given 2×2 tickets, to give to you. GET ON THAT LEVEL. How we go about winning these is pretty simple, just answer the following question in the comments below:

If you were a breakfast pastry, what would you be – and why? 

I’d be one of those snakey ones with sultanas in it, because the sultanas look like little bits of poo – and I’m mostly full of shit.

You’ve got until March 20th to get your submission in; if you aren’t one of the lucky 2 to win tickets you should hit the concert anyway. It’s on a Friday – which is so-so-so amazing – March 22nd at Privatclub. Wanna purchase tickets, or simply get more info? You’re welcome.

Get at it pancakes.



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