GIVEAWAY: Lucy’s Christmas Wishlist PART 3


It’s coming up to Christmas, and we figured to get you in the spirit of the giving season we’d action a couple of activities:

  1. Hit you with our Christmas Wishlist (in 3 parts)
  2. Giveaway an assortment of objects

After the jump you are going to find the 3rd and final part to our wishlists. I haven’t executed this in any particular order, just what I would like – if I in fact got 15 gifts, and they were all what I wanted. I probably won’t get anything, so really – this list is one of the most masochistic things I’ve done to date.

This week – you are also meeting Nugget (above), my friend Sarah’s dog. Sarah takes the most wonderful pictures (including this one) about her life/ home/ pets – if you get the chance, you should all follow her page A House In The Hills on Facebook, and get swept up in the wonder that is my very amazing mates and their extraordinary lives.

In this week’s giveaway we are giving out 3 of the 5 items on the wishlist. So read on – get competition’ing.

Part 3, starts now.


I need these sunnies on my face, yesterday. My current sunglasses are so scratched and I’m sure the arms are about to break off – enter Pared. Last year I was lucky enough to win a pair of Pared sunglasses, on Christmas day. So this year – we thought it was only fair, to share. Win the Pools & Palms below. They are valued at $260 AUD… I mean fuck – this could be your best Christmas present, ever.

Pared - Pools & Palms Tortoise HARKLO - agate coasters

Ever since moving into my very own apartment and buying nice’ish things, home-wares have been making my heart go boom. These coasters from Harklo are no exceptions. To be fair, I could buy one of everything from Harklo and be really happy about apartment progress – for the cold hard fact that everything on offer, is fucking beautiful. The ones up for grabs this week are carved and polished from the hills of Brazil. They would make you about 75% more sophisticated hosting a dinner party for 6 or less people. WE’RE GIVING THEM AWAY – more info below.

If you have followed this blog even for the shortest amount of time, you should be aware that Lucy + Karl Lagerfeld = love. So when I found this towel from Navy that simply stated the term “UNKLE KARL” I figured I had to have it. Problem here is that – I live in Germany, I think I have used a beach towel twice since I moved here. So we teamed up with Navy to give one away… those of the Australian persuasion. This year those clever Sydneysiders at Navy launched their brand, with all sorts of icons: MOSS IS BOSS / TAKE MY PICTURE TERRY. I will know I’ve made it when they pin the FEMME OF SASS, SOMETIMES variety. Win UNKLE KARL below.

Unkle Karl NAVY classic timberland 6 inch boots  Sequin Pants

Dear Timberland, can you please send me a pair of your boots in a size 38? It’s not even cold yet in Germany, and my feet are suffering. The problem we have here, I’m going home in March.. Is there a point on me buying a pair of Timberlands when the winter is so very nearly over? Is there a point of buying a pair of Timberlands when I need to have like a bazillion dollars to make it home? Gift me. Love you. Lucy.

Ever since I saw a girl at Melt wearing gold sequin pants, I have decided I need them in my life. Problem is I didn’t buy them, and now it’s winter. I feel like it’s constantly winter in Germany. The good thing? Australia = March = hot weather = I will have these pants on my newly skinny legs, and life will be awesome. Although – minus the high heels because high heels ruin your feet, and I also think there is a direct correlation between the intellect of high heel wearers and the height of their heels. No offense.


OK.. So you want to take home your very own Pared sunnies, Harklo Agate Coasters in Black or the UNKLE KARL towel from Navy? It’s bloody simple. All you have to do is:

  1. Head to the Facebook page.
  2. Click on the Christmas Giveaway App (with Nugget front and center).
  3. And answer the question.

Part 3’s giveaway is open until Monday 23rd December 9:00 (9AM) AUSTRALIAN time – winners will be notified shortly there after.

PLEASE NOTE: the UNKLE KARL towel from Navy can only be sent to those with an Australian address.



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