GIVEAWAY: Lucy’s Christmas Wishlist PART 2


It’s coming up to Christmas, and we figured to get you in the spirit of the giving season we’d action a couple of activities:

  1. Hit you with our Christmas Wishlist (in 3 parts)
  2. Giveaway an assortment of objects
  3. Organise a Christmas party, at a Christmas market (December 13th – SAVE THE DATE)

After the jump you are going to find part 2 of a 3 part wishlist. I haven’t executed this in any particular order, just what I would like – if I in fact got 15 gifts, and they were all what I wanted. I probably won’t get anything, so really – this list is one of the most masochistic things I’ve done to date.

We are giving away 2 of the 5 items on the wishlist. So read on – get competition’ing.

Part 2, starts now.


I pretty much need this jacket in my life. Forget the fact that it’s almost 3x the cost of my flight back to Australia in March, it would make me about 300% cooler than I have ever dreamed to be. Last year they had it in this deep red colour which I wasn’t the biggest fan of – but the dark greeny/ black, I can get around.

acne-shearling1 ourberlinvodka2


Nothing says holiday season like alcohol. For some it’s because you have to get along with extended family, for others it’s because you have days in a row off from work and frankly what else is there to do but nurse a hangover and eat your feelings. Enter Our/Berlin Vodka. Not only is it in a really sweet looking bottle, it’s fucking delicious – and straight outta Berlin. The team at Our/Berlin Vodka were kind enough to throw us a few bottles for you, details below.


The one thing I love to receive at Christmas without fail is a cooking book. Top that with one that gives you healthy meals, in 15minutes and I’m legitimately sold. It’s not that I find cooking boring and want it to be over as quickly as it started, but it’s just that – well, fuck – who has time to cook for more then 30 minutes? Not to be sad, but I’m mostly cooking for one, so as well as me feeling tragically time poor – anything that takes more than 15 minutes really isn’t worth it. God bless Jamie Oliver.

Jamie Oliver - 15 Minute Meals 3 Canon EOS 600D pieoneers_5


Dear Mum – I still want this camera. Love Lu X


One of the great things Australia inherited from the English was it’s love of savoury pies. I had pretty much forgotten they existed after living outside of the motherland so long – until Bron told me about this Pie night at Das Gift run by, wait for it, Pieoneers. Hallo delicious savoury numbers which you are able to order, and get delivered straight to your door. This season I’m all about their Christmas Hamper – it comes with 5 pies of your choice and a chutney/ mustard. So you and 4 of your nearest and dearest can nosh on hearty delicious’ness, with zero effort. This one is up for grabs – peak below for details.


OK.. So you want to take home your very own Our/Berlin Vodka 3 pack or Pieoneers Christmas Hamper? It’s bloody simple. All you have to do is:

  1. Head to the Facebook page.
  2. Click on the Christmas Giveaway App (with all those puppies).
  3. And answer the question.

Part 2’s giveaway is open until Sunday 15th December 17:00 (5PM) German time – winners will be notified by 5P.

PLEASE NOTE: the Pieoneers Christmas Hamper winner needs to be able pick up their pies from the Pie Night at Das Gift. Yay – parties !



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