GIVEAWAY: Lucy’s Christmas Wishlist PART 1


It’s coming up to Christmas, and we figured to get you in the spirit of the giving season we’d action a couple of activities:

  1. Hit you with our Christmas Wishlist (in 3 parts)
  2. Giveaway an assortment of objects
  3. Organise a Christmas party, at a Christmas market (December 13th – SAVE THE DATE)

After the jump you are going to find part 1 of a 3 part wishlist. I haven’t executed this in any particular order, just what I would like – if I in fact got 15 gifts, and they were all what I wanted. I probably won’t get anything, so really – this list is one of the most masochistic things I’ve done to date.

We are giving away 2 of the 5 items on the wishlist. So read on – get competition’ing.

Part 1, starts now.

koala-hm-iphone palmstrax-ep

This might very well be the perfect present.. If you have an iPhone 4. I don’t have an iPhone 4, I didn’t realise this iPhone cover was exclusively for a 4, so now I am bummed. It’s like discrimination for those that are more high-tech, HOW’S THAT. This is a pretty ideal Kris Kringle present – because it’s a total LOL, and it’s less than 10€.

To be honest, I don’t yet have a record player.. But – if I were to start myself off, I would want Palms Trax‘s EP Equation as my very first record. Not one for banging techno, so luckily this isn’t of that variety – Equations is lovely music to every good humans ears.  If you are in Berlin – you can catch old mate at Freudenreich this Saturday. If you are not – NEVER FEAR you can win this record care of our mates at SPACEMOUNTAIN to play over and over again in the privacy of your own home, which is kind of lucky – as it seems it’s completely SOLD OUT (more details below).

These shoes are badass. They are sold out, but they are fucking badass. I tried to purchase them up on Ebay but they are selling for 280+ and I don’t got time for that bidding nonsense. So I’m just adding them to this list in the hope it feels like I bought them. Let’s be honest, all I really want for Christmas is a pair of Nike’s – but firstly I can’t afford them and secondly it’s winter, I probably need a pair of Timberlands more.

Nike Air Max 180 Germany what-i-know-about-germans-book cos-mohair-knit

I remember when I first moved to Berlin, I read Liv Hambrett’s list of what she really knew about Germans on überlin and laugh/ cried. It was a very emo time for me and Germans were this wonderful but tragically confusing species that I couldn’t quite figure out. I read this list (which was about 70 at the time) and I thought: GERMANY !! 1+ year on, I’m still laugh/ crying, but I’m also buying about 5 of these books for my mum/ friends back home. This list is pretty much exactly what I know about Germans, and everyone needs to be as lovingly confused/ (sympathetically) frustrated as I am… That’s why we are giving one away (more details below)

All I have wanted for Christmas since the last 1.5 months is this oversized knit from COS. There is nothing especially special about it, it’s a nice cosy thing to have, that won’t make your skin itch, isn’t black (like the rest of my clothes) and is appropriately long so if I get fat from Christmas I won’t even care. My issues with on is that COS never has my size in their stores. I think it’s because me and the rest of the size S femmes of Berlin like all the same things. What we need here – is a Christmas miracle.


OK.. So you want to take home your very own Palms Trax Record or What I Know About Germans book? It’s bloody simple. All you have to do is:

  1. Head to the Facebook page.
  2. Click on the Christmas Giveaway App (with all those puppies).
  3. And answer the question.

Part 1’s giveaway is open until Sunday 8th December 17:00 (5PM) German time – so get competing.



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