GIVEAWAY: KATE BOY IS COMING….We got chatty, we got tickets.


So.. What I know from the get go (which to be honest, I only just found out like 15m ago – that all rhymed, I’m killing it.) Kate Boy is three parts Swede, 1 part Australian. Not to call ideal combo or anything – but that would be it. Any more Australian, and it would probably look like the musical episode of Neighbours does the Nordics, and any less – well it would just be Sweden.

Let’s not get me wrong: Sweden is ideal – but Australia is magic (possibly I’m bias). It feels like a totally unusual combination – being entirely on the opposite side of the world from each other, having very small containable populations – perhaps this is why it’s so good.

For a very long time I have loved the absolute bejesus out of Kate Boy -and that was before I even knew that 1 part Australia was involved. Shit’s disco with out even batting an eyelid, it’s simple without being boring and quite frankly it makes me want to fist pump like nobodies watching – I don’t often fist pump.

As luck would have it old mates are coming to Berlin in two Friday’s time (May 31st) for a Noisey/ Nordic by Nature/ no fear of pop – as more luck would have it – we have 1×2 tickets to giveaway….. AND – as morrrrre luck would have it, we managed an interview. HUZZAH!

SO! What do you have to do to win these tickets? It’s really pretty easy. Submit your answer to the following question by Thursday 30 May 12P in the comments section below. Considering everyone loves an Australian export…..

What’s your all time fav. Australian thing that makes you think “crikey-dingo,
babes, beaches, beer” all with a clever accent… Und whyyyyyy?

Mine’s this Tourism Australia Ad targeted at the US from 1984 because it’s the year I was born, Paul Hogan, shrimp on the barbie, Australian stereotype – coooo-eee!

DATE: 31 MAY 2013
DOORS: 20:00 (that’s 8PM)
TICKETS: 12€ +TAXES etc. etc.


Catch the Kate Boy interview after the jump on all things nonsense driven. I make a public apology to any and all artists that agree to do interviews and any and all people that commit to reading my drivvle. I am no Katie Couric, nor am I your every day Ray Martin. These are not hard hitting  questions that will enrich your life, but they might provide you with clever bookmarked material to wow your friends on: Internet.


LUCY: Who are you? – in 140 characters or less.
We are a Swedish/Australian hybrid, an androgynous and ambiguous entity named KATE BOY.

LUCY: If you were any moment in history – what moment would you be?
May 28th, 1959. When the 2 monkeys, Able and Miss Baker returned to earth after the first successful monkey trip to outer space.

LUCY: What was your first piece of music – CD/ tape/ record/ MP3?
Zoolookologie – Jean Michel Jarre.

LUCY: Would you rather be attacked by a single horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses? Why?
Horse sized duck. We’d convince it that war isn’t the answer, then use it as our tour bus.

LUCY: Do you have a guilty musical pleasure, mine is currently Frank Ocean – I’m not sure that’s that guilty though.
Weather Report.

LUCY: Favourite gif of all time?
Party Hard - Kate Boy's favourite gif

LUCY: We’re stuck on an island what board game would you bring, what cocktail, and what CD? (we have food, water and all that boring stuff people with no imagination list – it’s paradise)
Board game: Balderdash
Cocktail: Basil Smash
CD: The Beatles, Magical Mystery Tour.

LUCY: It’s 1999 – what’s the soundtrack of your year? Mine was 10 Things I Hate About You (the actual soundtrack) – I was so desperately in love with Heath Ledger.
The “Fight Club” soundtrack.

LUCY: If you had to settle upon water and one other drink for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Little Creatures Pale Ale. (I love you – Lucy)

LUCY: Tell us anything you deem relevant.



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