GIVEAWAY: JA JA JA Berlin is BACKKKKK !! and we have some tickets :-)


It’s an exciting time for Berlin, do you want to know why Berlin? Ok I will tell you. Ja Ja Ja has made it back to our fair city after a Summer slumber. YAY ! Just a refresher: On the second Thursday of each month, they are hand-picking some of the finest new talent from the Nordic regions of the world and presenting them to us at FluxBau because they can.

This week they are bringing together a handful of our favourite Scandinavian flava-flavs AND they have given us tickets to give away – YEAH SHIT ! Wanna win? It’s dead easy:

  1. Like the post
  2. Send an email to with the subject line “Ja Ja Ja-BITTE”
  3. BOOM you’ve entered – check your emails ~18:00 10th Sept !

The facts of the evening are as follows, the details of the acts playing are shortly there after. Just a quick – YAY, parties :-)

DATE: 10th September
DOORS: 20:00
ACTS: Lisa Alma, Axel Flóvent, Hey Elbow
TICKETS: 5€ JaJaJa-member/ 7€ non-member (Pre-sale, or on the door but you are chancing it doesn’t sell out SOLD OUT)

*Sign up for a JaJaJa membership here



I feel like I have been hearing about Denmark’s own Lisa Alma for god knows how long, but have never actually listened to her music. So what a pleasent surprise, she’s bloody delightful ! IT’s the sort of stuff I want to drive a car to, casually. Not stressfully. No city driving to this music, more relaxed road side vibes…with a view. BLISSFUL-THINKING !


Things you have to know about Axel Flóvent? He is 19, which is a bit crazy when you have a bit a listen to his songs, he sounds like he has yearrrrs on me. Another thing? He comes to us from a northern fishing village by the name of Husavík – is it weird that I’m a bit “MARRY ME”? How romantic is that? An Icelandic fishing village. Probably it’s miserable 10 months of the year, but by god that shit is dreamy. There is a modern folk vibe going on with old mate Axel, which normally isn’t my speed – but I can get around it.


Hey ELBOW ! YOU ARE FABULOUS ! Just having a quick listen to this one right now and what a huge bit of music Ruth is. I mean – not huge like rock n roll hybrid symphony orchestra huge at {insert major/ vast live concert venue here} but it packs a lot of punch. This team hails out of Sweden, where it seems a lot of the talented Nordic herring swims, they have a background in jazz and a favour for distortion which probably accounts for the wonderful slightly weird nature of their weighty sound.


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