GIVEAWAY: JA JA JA Berlin is back & we have tickets


It’s an exciting time for Berlin, do you want to know why Berlin? Ok I will tell you. Ja Ja Ja has made it to our fair city and on the second Thursday of each month, they are hand-picking some of the finest new talent from the Nordic regions of the world and presenting them to us at FluxBau because they can.

We are onto our second month now and this time they are bringing together a handful of our favourite Scandinavian flava-flavs AND they have given us tickets to give away – YEAH SHIT ! Wanna win? It’s dead easy:

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  2. Hit the Facebook page
  3. Fill out your details on the JA JA JA Giveaway ! tab before Monday 10th November 17:00.
  4. BOOM – check your emails ~18:00 10th Nov !

The facts of the evening are as follows, the details of the acts playing are shortly there after, I don’t have shit to do the evening of the 13th November – so, hopefully I will see you there.

DOORS: 20:00
COST: 5€ JaJaJa-member/ 7€ non-member (get your membership here..for future events, this one is SOLD OUT !)


So, here’s what I know. Team ME has been around in the airwaves for 2 years, they have played a ridiculous amount of shows (meaning a lot, from my view point), they’ve won a handful of awards and frankly – they are only getting started. This team is from Norway, which to me is the more mysterious of all the Scandinavian countries…And their music is what all good Scandinavian pop music should sound like. Cheers guys.

This isn’t the first time we have come across our mates from Cancer. I’m pretty sure we touched base with one half of the band around Spot Festival this year. Things you need to know? They are not the Cancer on Spotify with the orange album cover – ain’t no hip hop with this flavour. What this one is, is one big side project between two rather signification Scandinavian bands (When Saints Go Machine and Chorus Grant). It’s a whole lot of drums, and lullaby’esque singing – which make everything rather 2014 rock n roll.

Hey – really. Adna is 18. If this doesn’t make you reconsider your life/ where you are currently up to – I don’t know what will. I actually remember seeing Adna at Spot Festival this year (which is a rather large feat. considering the amount of wine I had had by this stage) and I was mesmerised. She is like a little bird, who sings like a moody angel. I don’t even want to remember the sort of human I was at 18 – because I definitely wasn’t a moody angel singing like a little bird… I probably had a mullet and a flask of vodka strapped to my hand – YOLO.


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