GIVEAWAY: Hawkon does Berlin – and it’s better than when Debbie did Dallas.


Hawkon Urban Spree PosterOk this week is manic – but it’s getting good. Do you want to know why? I’ll tell you. Your mate Hawkon is playing Berlin in less than 7 days time at Urban Spree; I’m going, Bron’s going – and 1 of you is also going, with a friend – for free. Gah! The giving continues to continue!

I don’t know how aware you are about my love for old mate Hawkon, and to be fair I have only heard one song. But it rages pretty deep. From when I last wrote there still seems to be very little info about our mysterious Norwegian/ London hybrid, but the facts I know? Here they are.

  • Old mate resides in London.

….And that’s basically it. Which is pretty fucking pitiful – but I feel like a good bit of mystery is the start to every epic love story, right?! I never like to hybrid people that play music for a few reasons:

  1. I’m actually really shit at knowing music/ defining it – so I will literally make a tit of myself.
  2. Every one is different – I’m 95% sure there was a Sesame Street episode on this.

But for lack of solid intelligence, old mate is rocking some pretty heavy slow jams vibes, with a a good amount of clever production and a some modern day viking PIZAZZZ!

We have two tickets to giveaway, and here’s how that’s going to play out: answer the following question, in the comments section below, go into the running for a set of tickets to the gig next Wednesday, EASY. And the question is:

You can be any nationality on the planet earth, you
are LIMITLESS – where would you come from/ why?

(It’s boring, but…) I’d probably still be Australian. BECAUSE! I’m pretty sure we don’t offend anyone from just being Australian – except maybe the English, and that’s only because they’re jealous their ancestors weren’t shipped off to paradise.

All details of the event can be found on the Facebook event page, but just in case this is all too hard, here’s the skinny:

DATE: 24 JUL 2013
DOORS: 21:00 (That’s 9P, for all of you who can’t read 24h time)
TICKETS: 7€ available on the door (…or FREE! enter the comp)


You have until 12P Tuesday 23 July to enter the comp. Even if you don’t want to go you should enter. Understanding diversity is a good education for a the masses. We are not only getting involved – we are making the world a better place.

You’re welcome.



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