GIVEAWAY: Benjamin Clementine see you there +1


Benjamin Clementine is in town, and we are excited. We’re told that at 20 old mate fled London for Paris, found himself homeless and began busking in Montmarte’s Place de Clichy metro station to survive. A self-trained pianist this was his first foray into singing, and on one of these days he was discovered by a label owner’s friend. A tonne of gigs and support from Jools Holland later – the now-25 year old is quite frankly, killing it.

Sometime last year, Bron and I caught Benjamin Clementine‘s first Berlin show and it was nothing short of amazing. That personal endorsement paired with lots of feedback praising his charm as a live performer, we think you should get down to Grüner Salon this Wednesday for his second Berlin show, ever. That said, show’s sold out – bummer. Upside?


Thanks to the lovely at Konzertbüro Schoneberg we have 1 x 2 guest lists spots to giveaway! Catching the delicious Herr Clementine for free/kostenlos/gratis – oh hihi. To win:

  1. flick this post a like (see those social icons up the top and bottom? Hit the thumbs)
  2. email with the subject ‘Benjamin Clementine’. Include your name if your email is cryptic bitte.
  3. check your email Wednesday by 4P!…

Doors are at 19:00, facebook event is found here, contest is open til 16:00 Wednesday. It’s a flash sale guys..



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