Girl Crush – on the request line


We missed the Girl Crush Friday last week – I did realise when we missed it – and then I was going to do it for Monday – but thought “You know Lucy – it’s a GCF, not a GCM – lets not fuck about. GCF had a bye this week – all is good” So last week I had dinner with a mate of mine – who sort of requested we delve into the Babe Status that is Natalie Portman.

Now, you know – I get it, she is like totally a hot commodity now – because she did that racey ballet movie – which was epic. But, people who ‘generally like things that arent necessarily yet in pop culture vogue’ – it doesn’t make her any less of a babe because there is NP hype.

She is a stock standard, run of the mill Girl Crush – and I’m loving her. Not loving the dancing fiance – because I am hearing weird shit coming out of the dance community as to the motives of that tryst – but that could just be gossip. And no, I am not just saying that to say it – I know people. I’m sort of cool like that.

One thing I do love about NP is that she is one of my kind – yes, Jewish. Now I’m not sure whether I have gone over my Jewish roots before – I only just found out 2 years ago. My mum is adopted, her blood family located her – blah blah blah. And now – Mazaltov! I’m Jewish – I think I always knew this – but now it is like.. FACT. As a result of my new found heritage – I have this underlying soft spot for all that are my people.

So, Natalie – don’t give up your faith.


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