Ghost Eyes.. Where have you been all my life? WHERE!?


OMGGG – this is just intoxicating.. I get in trouble with my friends often for posting too much on FB. And I am fine with that, because I feel like I might induce a moment, much like the moment I am having now. I have just come across some pretty epic music, because of a mates music spam (you know who you are)

I don’t even know why this is so good, I can’t even put my finger on it – but it makes me tense my shoulders, crave a vodka soda, and slowly shake my head.. It’s 11:26AM – I should not be doing any of these things.

My only complaint with it is that it is NOT LONG ENOUGH! I mean, maybe that is a good thing, to leave me wanting more. But then I just keep hitting repeat on the song, and then I will get sick of it.. It’s lucky it comes as part of set, and I can listen on to their other music..

Not sure if Ghost Eyes have been around for ions and I have just never entered their path, but I am loving this senseless..

Thank you LONDON, UK – you have moved me, musically.

P.S – you know what is super weird.. I was invited the other day to Bad Sex a night at a London club (Proud? maybe). Anyway, I was invited as someone who might media-out. Obvs. I can’t do that, because I live in San Francisco – but in the month of June Ghost Eyes is playing, spooky – that within a 2 day period Ghost Eyes has been a fixture..


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