Getting wolf whistled – doesn’t a babe make.


So – I’m kind of annoyed at my local BART station/ 6th Street/ most of San Francisco. Not because it is gross, and the homeless are everywhere, drinking beer – SIDE NOTE: I don’t really understand how they can afford it, is that why they all carry walking sticks/ push themselves around in a wheel chair with their feet – to get more money from the government and thus buy beer..? Off topic – but legitmate questions..

Back on point, I am annoyed with my local BART station/ 6th Street/ most of San Francisco because of the vile men that frequent the corners/ front of buildings – who decide it’s a really lovely idea to tell me how pretty I am, followed by the words – baby, sexy, aiii-ai-ai. < in that order, every time.

See this is offensive – for obvious reason, but also because half the time, I am not pretty – and they are just saying it because they are bored/ drunk. I frankly don’t really get it – my hair is often in a power lesbian bun, I’m wearing reg jeans, a white tshirt and I have a fucking fanny pack (bum bag) draped over my shoulder. I am not babe status at all. GET IT TOGETHER GENTLEMEN.

What I hate more than the creeps on the corner is the people that tell you they were approached by creeps at the corner – with a smile on their face. You happy with yourself babe? The man that smells like wee thinks you are cute.. NO. This is not acceptable. Don’t get smug with me because you are desirable to a man that frequents a corner.. This is not hashtag “winning”, ever.

Generally these smug fuckers open their mouths about how desirable they are when they feel threatened (the ones who are smug about being accosted by someone with little-to-no pedigree). Like – “Oh yeah, you got a promotion – well this guy yelled that I had a bedonky-donk… ew” said with smiley faces, all over their face.

You know, if it was Alexander Skarsgård – I would be like “Shut the face, that’s amazing etc. I support you bragging about being desirable” But if it’s just some guy, with little options and he isn’t pretty – then there better be a good story in it – because it’s not an accomplishment.

I am dead set serious that anyone with a vagina gets cat called by the men at the corner/ on the street (any man at the corner – not just my corner). I mean – would you actually want to go on a date with someone that yells sexy talk across streets. Isn’t that like the most revolting thing on the planet of earth – getting yelled at all sexy-like by someone.

Way to have balls dude – yell at me from the corner as I have my head phones on and am not listening to you. Or better yet – yell at me from a moving vehicle, that’s really clever. Dickhead.

What I don’t really understand about the whole “cat calling” thing – is that when I actually am at babe status – like super pretty, in dress and shoes with height – I get donuts. Not that this isn’t a good thing – because it is – but what does that even mean?? You would think that when I am all femaled-out (rather than jeans and tshirt’esque) I would get beaucoup de attention. NEG.

The calling of cats (am I the cat?) needs to stop, or else I will likely use the mase in my handbag. (WARNING)


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