Get out of it – we made it to G


I have only just realised we have about 2 weeks until the music portion of SXSW begins – and I am only at the letter G.. Fuck. So, we are going to start to power through these – sorry if the blurbs are lack lustre.. I do try – but mainly what the intent of these posts is, is to get you arseholes to hear something different. So appreciate and embrace. Let’s get on with G, shall we?

Gilbere Forte’ // 1st Floor (feat. Freelance Whales)
Gilbert Forte’ makes me weak at the knees. I’m not much of a hip hop effienado but I sort of love him. I love this song and it is likely Freelance Whales that really solidifies the love affair, but whateves. Sometimes I think a bit of hip hop is whats up. This white girl has trouble getting street/ hood/ whatever we want to call it – but I can appreciate. Another Philly resident, only supports my theory that Pennsylvania’s boring nature breeds creatives. Have a listen and be woo’ed.

GIVERS // Up up up
All I have to say about GIVERS is that the singer is a fucking goddess. Mass amounts of energy – she absolutely rocked it when I saw her supporting Ra Ra Riot. Love love love their music – love love love them performing – CAN’T recommend enough.. Do yourself a favor and – DON’T MISS. The End

The Good Natured // Be My Animal
A little bit of British disco – goes a long way. I must admit I thought it sounded a little Shakira’esq when I listened the other day. But the Good Natured has slowly and surely woo’ed me. I think its jsut the way it is so up and down up and down, the singer is totally flighty – if you get my drift. I’m sure there is some eloquent music word for this – but I’m not lyrical goddess – so that will just have to suffice.

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