Get all around me Sinkane


The weather has positively turned, in a very negative way in Berlin. Which is quite the shock returning from the hot hot heat of Turkey – but you know, at this very moment I don’t even give a fuck (I do give a fuck) because Sinkane’s got a new track and his latest offering with New Name is positively jazzy-tropical-vibey. And that warms errrrything.

Old mate is making a stop in Berlin for First We Take Berlin which is coming to a venue near you on the 4/5th of September as part of Berlin Music Week. Who is going to be there? This guy.

To be perfectly honest, I’m really very terrified of winter this year. The cold nights, short days and icy streets – the hunt for the Winter boyfriend starts now’ish. That said, if the world wide web continues to provide me with these jungle vibes reinforcing memories of warmer temps..

Possibly I will survive without one.


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