Germany Germany marry me?


Dear Germany Germany,

Firstly: I understand I do open invitations of marriage all the time, but in this instance – I truly mean it. I know that you are not from the country where I would desire legal working class citizenship – but I feel like we could make it work. Maybe we can move to Utah with the polygamists – you can have like 10 wives, and we can both get papers – win?

Secondly: Futurecop! + YOU (being Germany Germany) – makes me so happy, I could just explode. I want to do mad Madonna on the spot kicks at my desk > and then all up 4th St, to Powell St Station > then possible moonwalking up and down train carriages – until my stop at 24th/ Mission > then I’m shimming all the way home to my front door, where I might just spin in circles while looking at the sky.

Thirdly: Berlin feat. Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party,  YOU! again – is just really very nice. and something I could happily listen to again, and again.

I’m not entirely sure what I am bringing to this possible marriage – but I am a pretty good cook, and I will happily pay for a cleaner. I have ok taste in music – and I like nice things, so we would likely have a sick looking house. My parents have a house in Asia we could holiday at – and I come with the allure of Australian citizenship.

Mull it over; I think of it more of a partnership, than an offer of romance.

Yours truly,

Lucy (vs. the Globe)

(Team members who are reading this, listen to the tracks above, just a handful of song from his current remix release and then go download said compilation at his site)


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