fuckity fuck fuck


So I found this band – and now I want to post their music – but I can’t because I can’t find their shit anywhere.. FUCK. Why don’t people post that shit around and about – arseholes.. Do you want to be famous – or not. It’s the difference between struggling for your art and being Puff Daddy. Who doesn’t want to be Puff Daddy – JESUS.

15 mins later….

So I uploaded their song to Soundcloud.. I actually feel that it might be illegal to do that.. So – Band, if you are reading this – let me know, and I will take it down.. But I think it’s rockstar status – and it should be available – if not on Soundcloud at least with some still piccy on YouTube.. Think about it..

Also – Band if you are reading this – I will be coming to your gig at the Knockout – if SF hasn’t jumped all over this already and I can manage to get through the doors.. AMPED. Until July 9th – I will miss you Xxx

Magic Bullets // Lying Around


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