Friday’s babe.. NAY – GODDESS.. Enter, Beyonce.


Oh Beyonce. I don’t even know what it is about you that makes me swoon so greatly. But you are my ultimate babe. It could be the more real body – with your big old hips and boosies. It could be that you are married to Jay-Z who is almost as epic as you. It could be when you laugh, it looks effortless. Or it could just be you make the most ridonkulous videos, that make me smile from the inside out every time.

Ode to you – for being pretty much my age, and having your shit together (or seeming that way). Maybe if I was a hard hitting singing person I would also have my shit together. Maybe that is my downfall – the ability to really belt out a tune..?

Let’s blame my lack of goal kicking to the fact I am not a very good singer, and be done with it. And back to Beyonce. I must admit I do not love your clothing line, and I sort of think that your family (bar Solange – she is epic too) uses you for your brand name. They are like really desperate groupies, and I don’t like that. I just want to be your friend, maybe get dinner sometime – hit the gym together.

Send me an email, I promise I will write back immediately.



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