Friday means, Babe of the Week. Lest we forget fools


MANNNNNN – Emma Roberts is such the babe. And it makes me ill. I mean look – I am OK with general babe status, that’s like totally fine, but when the kids come through and then start being the babes – it sucks. It is like when I was at high school, and the year 10 kids came through.. It was exciting – because it was fresh meat.. That sounds sickening, but I went to a boarding school – we didn’t mix with other schools, so nouveau year groups is all we really had.

Anyway, these new kids would come through – and yes, it was exciting. Younger guys – replacing our stale ones. LOVE IT….BUT – on the flip side, it was younger girls replacing us. Not OK.. And I know – I am no Emma Roberts by any means – but the entry of Emma Roberts from Disney hero to all round babe may just cut my lunch one day. When she was all Disney etc. I would have thwarted her with my sass and stole the hunk. But now – she probably has sass, and has shed the tween idol status; which, in effect, just makes me that chubby kid with the accent.

Miss Roberts, you are a babe – of a pretty impressive predigry (Julia Roberts is her Aunty) – but just so you are aware, I have shot gunned many a male hunks, of which I will list out in a future post. And if you ignore the sacrilege┬áthat is shot gun, I will punch you in the boob.

End of story.


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