Friday (emotional) movements, are the best kinds of movements


Everything about this makes me totally elated. It’s a Friday for starters – so I am already on cloud 9. And then I sourced this by way of LE CHARIVARI’s facebook, DELICIOUS. First off – if you aren’t fanning LE CHARIVARI on the face – then I don’t know what you are doing – so go fan their shit.

Second – the video of this song is just wonderfully magic. The boys in the visions are like these wonderous 70/80’s cut outs that you just want to take home to your mother with their lettered jackets. The colors make me happy. Like fully fucking happy. I don’t know what it is – the Twilight’esque surroundings, the hazy “wooo-oooo-hooo’s”, the fuzzy colors/ images that all come together perfectly.. This shit is officially making my day.

Hit play – and let this spectical of deliciousness, that is Beat Connection – Silver Screen, move you.


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